El Maguey Mexican
Bar & Grill 


The Maguey plant is native to Mexico, it grows best in the cold dry climates of the Rocky Central Highlands to the North and East of Mexico city.

The Aztecs our ancestors used maguey as fuel, made rope, and paper. Ancient records and ritual calendars were painted on maguey. Now the most important used of the maguey plant is to make pulque which is an alcoholic vebarage.

Antonio Lozano
General Manager / Co-Founder

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Our Accomplishment Are Thanks To Our Morals


Our results our thanks to our effort, this is why it is a life-long habit, that we have with our staff in what we do with much taste; serving our customers.



A core value in everything we do in our lives and with our company



The ability to respond all the time with us and with all that is around us.



Nothing of our dreams outside reality without this value that we bring to our founders tattooed


Willie Lopez
Executive Chef / Co-Founder